Overview On Parental Control Softwares

Overview On Parental Control Softwares

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What is the solution to protect your child from all bad things in the internet? Parental control software is the solution for this. Read the overview on parental control softwares in the article.

Why Parental Control Software?

Internet is world resources that contain both good and inappropriate information, content and materials. When we say internet is good resources for children; they can have fun, study, we only thing on one side. But if we think on the other side, internet is also harmful and dangerous resources for children if they use it improperly and without control from the parents. Example the child may check websites that contain inappropriate contents like phonographic, violation, drug, gambling and more. There are also many cases that children chart with unknown people.

Therefore, what is the solution to protect your child from these things? Parental control software is the solution for this. With parental control program, user can limit time for the child on accessing to internet, filtering and block not good websites include adult site, drug site, gambling site and more. The professional parental control software also provides report on any activity of the child on using internet and user can also block any application and system in the computer like chart program, disable control panel and so on.

How Parental Control Software Work?

The question is how parental control software protects your children. Parental Control Software is used password protected (when you install the software, the program will require entering the password for protection). With password protected, your child and other people cannot change setting or remove software from computer. In order to use software, configuring is very important (like set time schedule for child on accessing to computer and internet, set block site list, set block applications list) to get fully protection.

Parental Control Software Ratings

I also encourage everyone (including you) who ever have experience of using parental control software before, please share your experience and make it useful, helpful for other by doing the following rating.

Please Note: to make this rating more useful and helpful information, please rate only the software you ever experience, for the parental control program which you never use please do not rate it.

Software Name User Rating
Advanced Parental Control 5 votes
CyberPatrol 7 votes
Net Nanny Parental Controls 7 votes
PC Tattletale 6 votes
Safe Eyes 16 votes
SentryPC Parental Control 5 votes
Webroot Parental Control 9 votes
iProtectYou Pro 5 votes
KidsWatch Parental Control 7 votes