Privacy Policy

This article is about Privacy Policy of iSoftwareReviews website. Visitor’s privacy is very important for us, we are committing to keep their privacy safe as possible, not sell or share to other third party.

iSoftwareReviews Commitement To Visitor Privacy

Visitor’s privacy is very important for us, we are committing to keep their privacy safe as possible, not sell or share to other third party.

What Information iSoftwareReviews Collect and How We Use It

User computer information
The information such computer IP address, location where the user come from, the web browser the visitor use, how long they stay in specific web page, screen resolution of user’s monitor, operating system visitor use and other related information of visitor’s computer.
The main reason we collected these information is to use in analyzing to find out how to improve our website and provide more quality information to the visitors. Example we collect information about screen resolution of the computer that visitor mostly use when visited our web site, with this information we can design the layout of the website and make it more friendly for user to view and use.
Another example, we collect how long the user stay in our website and specific web page, with this information we can use it as reference to define our quality of the website and content.

Visitor Name and Email address

We are not requiring visitor to provide any personal information such as name and Email address to us for visiting
There are three things at that the visitors may provide their first name (the reason we collect first name is we want to make more friendly when sending or replying Email to the user) and Email address:
When they subscribe to get free newsletter from iSoftwareReviews. We use this information for sending free newsletter to the users that subscribe to our database.
When they ask questions or provide comments to us. We use this information for replying back the question and comment that have been send to us. We also may also post name (but not Email address) with good comment or question on the website.
When they send email to their friend. ( provides feature that visitor can Email to their friends about any web page that contained information they want tell them). We actually collect the information to our database and we use the information for analyzing the effective of the system and keep control and continue improvement.
Unsubscribe From Mailing List
Subscribers can unsubscribe from our mailing list at anytime. When user do not want to receive newsletter anymore, and want to unsubscribe. To do so, user just click on unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter we sent.

What Technology To Keep Visitor Safe

We have use secure hosting with well known hosting company that have spam security feature with high end technology that allow to protect user privacy information safe. More importantly to keep visitor’s privacy safe is our commitment not to share or sell that information to any other third party. With these two factors we can say visitor’s privacy is safe.

The Change of This Privacy Policy

Since we continued improvement our website and quality and adding new features, we may need to make some change or add some new policy when we necessary. We may not inform to the visitor about change, but we may post about the change for specific period.