CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer Review

CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer Review

06.04.2018 Off By Editor

Web Design Software is a software application available for building and designing a website. One of them is CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer. Read about it in the article.

CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer Overview

CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer is one of popular WYSIWYG website creator and editor on the market today. It is a product of CoffeeCup Software, Inc. The program is designed to help you to make web pages with ease and speed, and you can make a web page even you have no experience or HTML knowledge.
The program provides drag and drop interface which you can simply drag and drop images or text on the page. It makes designing process quick and simple, you can adjust image or text until you got what you like. The software comes with 10 web page themes to start you off. You can use them to create your pages or start from blank page. There are various components you can use, including built-in button and background creators.
This web design program is also included its own image creation tools which you can use to edit picture or photo for your website. With more enhancing features, you can add effects like glow, shadow, and transparency to your text and images. After completing your website design, you can use built-in FTP client to upload it to your server. The program runs on Windows platform including Windows Vista, XP. Free trial version is available to download and try for 28 days. You don’t have to sign up to get a trial version.

Highlight Features of CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for true WYSIWYG layout and design.
  • Built-in image creation tools.
  • Built-in FTP client to upload it to your server.
  • 10 built-in Website themes.
  • Text and image effects.
  • Support Language and Script: HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, VBScript, JavaScript, PHP, CSS and more.

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