Namo WebEditor

Namo WebEditor

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Web Design Softwares are software applications available for building and designing a website. One of them is Namo WebEditor. Read about it in the article.

Namo WebEditor Review

Namo WebEditor is a WYSIWYG editor, web design software solution from SJ NAMO, Inc. This Web authoring application allows you to create, edit, publish and manage your websites. With its easy to use and Microsoft Office interface alike, make you familiar with the program. You can create site quickly using built-in templates and themes to suite your needs. There are various templates including personal, company, education, community, restaurant, hotel, and presentation site. It provides you all standard web design features.
The program runs on Windows platform includes both Windows Vista and XP. And the trial version is available in English and German. You can download and evaluate it for free of charge. The file is less than hundred MB.

Highlight Feature of Namo WebEditor

Site Wizard: create website from various templates such as Personal, Company, Educational, Community, Restaurant, Hotel, Presentation or Blank Site.
Four view modes: Edit, Edit and HTML, HTML and Preview.
Smart ClipArt: Banners, Bullets, Buttons and Images.
Find, Search and Replace, Verify HTML, Spell Checking and Clean up HTML.
Insert Multimedia including flash button, theme objects, media and equation.
Sitemap, Navigation Bar, Navigation Tree, Banner, Spreadsheet, Chart, Table, Layout box, Layer, Script, Frameset, Photo Album.
Built-in themes like Cool, Cute, Modern, Polished, Simple, Smart, Soft and Warm.
Educational Features: Create Basic Teaching Plan, Creating Quiz, and Using Presentation.
Window Size: 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 and custom size.
View page with modern web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Browser5.
Site Manager, Resource Manager, Script Manager and Resource File Manager.
Develop Form, XML Document and Database.
All standard web design editing tools including edit, copy, paste, align and so on.
System Requirements
Platform: Windows XP or Windows Vista
Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape
CPU: Pentium IV or faster.
RAM: 256 MB Minimum, 512 MB or more (Recommended)
Free Disk Space: 80 MB Minimum, 162 MB (Recommended)
Display: 1024 x 768, 16-bit color