Web Design Software Overview

Web Design Software Overview

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Web Design Software is a software application available for building and designing a website.There are many web design software program available on the market today. You can choose based on your needs and preference.

Why Web Design Software?

When talking about creating web page, building website, web design, we will think of the tools and software that we can use. There are many and many software applications available for building and designing a website, including Web Design Software, HTML Editors, Text Editors and Online Web Builders. Web Design Software is the most popular one; some people may call it WYSIWYG Website Builder or WYSIWYG HTML Editor or WYSIWYG Web Design Software. What make it so popular? The answer is Ease and Speed. Let see in more detail:

What is WYSIWYG Web Builder / Web Design Software?

WYSIWYG is acronym of What You See Is What You Get. It simply means that the software provides an editing interface which resembles how the page will be displayed in a web browser. And it does not require any HTML knowledge or experience for creating a web page or site. This makes the program simple and easy to use, especially for average computer users. And the program makes web design process faster and easier than using text editor or HTML editor.
There are many WYSIWYG web design software program available on the market today. You can choose based on your needs and preference. From one to another package there are differences regarding to features, price and interface. Let me provide you some highlights: Adobe Dreamweaver is the most powerful web design software which provides endless features ranging from standard to advanced functions, but it is not a cheap one. The program costs you several hundred dollars for a license while many other web design software packages cost less than a hundred dollars.

What More?

All of the WYSIWYG web design provides easy to use drag and drop feature which allows user to add image, text, link and other web elements by using mouse clicks. The good program supports many web languages including HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET and AJAX. You can also find many useful tools within the program such as build-in FTP, templates, photo editors, HTML cleaner, HTML validate, spell check and more. This type of program offers complete web design solution for all types of web designer and web developer whether you are a novice or a seasoned designer, a hobbyist or professional designer.